The Stuyvesant

The Stuyvesant


Stuyvesant Street-- one of the most charming streets in NYC.  Known for bucking the grid system with its striking diagonal disposition. It has a history of seducing the influential, the sophisticated, the powerful.  

It’s like no other.

It’s also the inspiration behind our American made passive house triple pane window.

It’s called Stuyvesant and no doubt it will stand out as powerful player in all your projects with it’s standardly configured  0.17 U-Value, triple air seals, and NFRC Certification.

But best of all?  You can count on speedy delivery and locally made bragging rights while escaping from the headache of dealing with manufacturers in Europe and costly container shipping fees.  

There’s no denying.  Your next project and Stuyvesant would make a pretty pair.  A team that turns heads. Together, their style, sophistication, and distinction, will stop passerbys in their tracks while strolling down the street .

And that-- is right up your alley.


A new high-insulation 76 mm system for high energy savings

  • Uf value = 1.0 W/(m²K) or 0.17 BTU/ft²hrF

  • UW value = 0.15 BTU/ft²hrF

  • Perfected noise protection for enhanced quality of living.

  • Easy care thanks to robust and weather resistant surfaces.

  • Lasting value thanks to durable quality on the highest level.

  • Ultra-modern technology for great handling ease and reliable functionality.

  • All PVC-U profiles are produced with lead-free stabilizers based on calcium and zinc.

  • Stock Exterior Colors: Desmond, Spencer, Clark

  • Custom colors available

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